WinSCP 5.9.6

WinSCP 5.9.6

Martin Prikryl – Open Source – Windows Linux
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Titolo: WinSCP 5.9.6
Sistemi operativi:
  • Windows
  • Linux
Licenza: Open Source
Data di inserimento: 21/06/2017
Editore: Martin Prikryl
Valutazione: Scarica il programma e vota!
Cambia Log Significantly improved WinSCP look and feel in large font / high DPI environments.
Improved transfer speed with SFTP and SCP protocols.
Automatic WinSCP updates (only for donors).
Support for authentication with TLS/SSL client certificates.
Dual code signing binaries with both SHA-1 and SHA-256.
Custom commands can be distributed in a form of configurable WinSCP extension.
WinSCP script template or WinSCP .NET assembly code template can be generated in GUI.
Switch -latest for get and put commands to transfer the latest file only.

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