WinSCP 5.21.1

WinSCP 5.21.1

Martin Prikryl – Open Source – Windows
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タイトル: WinSCP 5.21.1
オペレーティング システム:
  • Windows
ライセンス: Open Source
追加日: 2022/06/24
発行元: Martin Prikryl
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更新ログ SSH core upgraded to PuTTY 0.77. That includes support for rsa-sha2-256 and rsa-sha2-512 SSH public key algorithms and improved support for HTTP proxies with SSH.
Support for ACL for S3 protocol.
Support for file masks relative to the root of an operation.
Streaming support in .NET assembly and scripting for FTP protocol.
It is possible to import sessions from OpenSSH config file.



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